During Subscriber installations, field technicians require an easy tool to reduce installation time and improve the network performance. KeyWest Networks

 KeyConnect App provides different installer options to manage the new Subscriber installation.



Connect to 2.4GHz Radio


Bring-up 5GHz Wireless link


Experience the application


Displays real time SNR variation while aligning the antenna and the best SNR for each antenna port using visual colour and audible tone.


Wireless link  parameters can be configured by installer. Parameter that  includes Radio Mode, Country Code, SSID, Operating Channel Frequency and Bandwidth.

Site Survey

SU scans for the available APs to join. A list of scanned APs ( proprietary/non-proprietary) with basic details like SSID, MAC address, Channel, Frequency (MHz) , RSSI (dBm), Noise (dBm) , security and join are available at site survey. SU is allowed to join network with proprietary devices only. If the network is a secured type, Encryption key must be provided to join.

KeyConnect Features

Feature Benefit
Quick Align mode For already deployed radios re-align, link test & generate report
Normal Installation mode Unbox a new radio and auto-configure for quick network access and provisioning (including all Quick Align features)
Automatically configures GPS coordinates Location information is automatically recorded.;
RF Link test Capture downlink/uplink performance results at the time of installation
Site Survey Site Survey displays list of Base Stations available, such as SSID, MAC address, Channel, Frequency, RSSI , Noise and Security
Alignment of radios during installation  Audible tone helps during device installation
Reboot  Easy to soft reboot the device
Factory Reset  Reset the device to default settings
Report generation  Generate the report with one touch
Export and Import Configuration  Backup your settings so that you can help somebody to configure the same.
Upgrade/Downgrade SM Firmware  Software is stored on mobile device and updated during installation.
Automatically configures the latitude/longitude Never forget to record location information. It’s automatic.