KeyLocator Tool


KeyLocator Tool is a standalone application designed to run on windows platform. This tool is intended to scan, modify, reset and reboot the KeyWest radios in a network.


KeyLocator Tool comes with three components and simple user-friendly UI. Control Menu, Network Interface, List of wireless radios in a tabular form. The list of components are

Network Interfaces

Shows available list of active interfaces in the system. Interface name with respective IP Address are displayed in dropdown. User can select an interface and click scan to initiate discovery of KeyWest Radios in the network.

List of Wireless Radios

The complete list of KeyWest devices show in a table form which are available in the network. The radios are listed once a response is received for the broadcast packet sent. The table component displays the basic configuration related to a particular radio which includes.


The IP address of the radio​

The MAC address of the located radio

The System name assigned to the radio

The current firmware version of the located radio

The duration since when the radio is up and running
Model Number

Model Number of the radio
Radio Mode

The Radio Mode of the located radio which contains AP or STA based on the radio mode of the device
Link Type

The link type of the located radio which contains PtP, PtMP or Backhaul

Control Menu

Control Menu is located on the left side of the application showing icons which controls the functionality of the KeyLocator application. The following are the icons available under Control Menu.


On clicking the scan icon, a discovery packet is broadcasted in the selected Network Interface. On receiving response from the devices, the data will be added to located devices list.

Modify Settings

User can modify and configure available device by clicking the modify settings. Once the Modify settings window is opened the current settings available in the device will be populated with respective fields. User can modify either System Name or IP configuration of the selected device by providing the authenticating details. IP configuration is the combination of “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask” and “Gateway”, if the user wants to modify the IP configuration all the 3 values needs to be provided. Note: All the values are mandatory.


User can reboot the selected device from the list by clicking on Reboot icon. Authentication dialog will appear, and the user has to fill the details (User Name, Password) and click the reboot button to reboot the device.


By clicking on reset icon the existing configuration available in the selected devices will be deleted and device will be set to default factory settings.

Open Web

By clicking Open Web icon, it will open the web page of the selected device in the default web browser of the system.


All the located device data currently available in table will be exported as CSV file. User can save the file by providing the name of the file in the save dialog box.


It shows the about info of the tool and its released version, year, copyrights statement.