Management Radio 2.4 GHz


To configure properties, Click Wireless > 2.4 GHz Radio Configuration> Properties

Radio Mode: Access Point

Radio Status: Enable/ Disable

Service Set Identifier (SSID): SSID is simply the technical term for a network name.

Country: US

Operational Mode: 11NG

Bandwidth: 20MHz

Bandwidth: SSID is simply the technical term for a network name.

In general, 2.4GHz radio can have a bandwidth of 20 MHz i.e. for short distances.

Channel: Auto

When Auto is selected, best Wi-Fi Channel is selected to achieve the performance.

Disable Legacy: Enable/ Disable


The Wireless Security feature helps to configure security mechanisms between AP and SU.

To configure Security, Click Wireless> 2.4 GHz Radio Configuration > Security

Encryption Type: Select WPA2-PSK

Note: If the encryption type is selected as none, then there doesn’t exists any security to the data frames transmitted over the wireless medium.

Mobile App: Mobile App is used to configure the radio


To configure MAC ACL in AP, click Wireless> 2.4 GHz Radio Configuration> MAC ACL

This section has MAC status: Allow/ Deny/Disable and a MAC ACL table: MAC Address

Disable: By, default MAC ACL is disabled in AP (2.4 GHz) Configuration, i.e. all clients are linked to AP

Allow: If Allow is selected, the MAC ACL feature allows only the authenticated clients to access the Wireless network of AP by adding their MAC addresses

Deny: If Deny is selected, only that client is restricted.

Note: The maximum number of clients that can be added to the MAC ACL table is 32 MAC ACL feature is applicable only in AP with 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz.