Manages and Monitors your Critical Infrastructure

The ORNMS is a centralized, highly- scalable and comprehensive web-based management application that enables to discover, monitor, configure, and report on enterprise-class wireless radio networks.

Fully Visible Network

Dedicated dashboards for each device and having centralized upgrade with configuration workflows to minimize the work flow of network managers.

Bulk and Safe Upgrade Firmware

Manage  your devices from one place. Zoom out to see your whole network. Manage  your devices from one place. Zoom out to see your whole network. 

Auto Provisioning

Preconfigured profiles may be applied to reduce to select radios as soon as they are discovered

Key Features

Feature Benefits
Dashboard One-page view of status of all your radios in the network with events and a quick inventory of all radios active on the network
Topology Devices are listed hierarchically based on location with links showing on map and logical structure showing as tree
Backup and Restore Backup of your entire data and can be restore it in new device
Bulk Provisioning Provision multiple radios at a scheduled time, or, want to upgrade firmware? Our intuitive bulk configuration interface allows all in few clicks. Monitor and control bulk tasks even after they have started.
Scheduled Provisioning Provisioning your device at  any specified time
Distributed NMS Helps to monitor different networks and devices which can’t be directly reached by NMS instance 
Fault Management  Events and alerts
Ticketing  Integrating with CRM tool helps to raise tickets via mails and messages
Notifications  View immediate status with alarms, and troubleshoot customer issues by filtering on alarm history and reviewing events