To configure VLAN, Click Network>VLAN> VLAN Configuration

VLAN Status Enable/Disable

To enable or disable the VLAN functionality.

VLAN Mode Transparent

Virtual LAN is a custom network created from one or more existing LANs. It enables groups of devices from multiple networks (both wired and wireless) to be combined into a single logical network. Transparent mode allows to pass tag traffic.

Management VLAN ID

Management VLAN is used for managing the switch from a remote location by using protocols such as telnet, SSH, SNMP, syslog etc. Normally the Management VLAN is VLAN 1, but you can use any VLAN as a management VLAN.

Tag Option All/List

All – allows tag traffic with VLAN id 1 – 4094
List – allows tag traffic with configured VLAN ids