Eathernet Configuration

To configure Ethernet, Click Networks> Ethernet > Ethernet Configuration

Ethernet Speed

Auto Negotiation

When this option is chosen in AP/SU, the Ethernet configuration tries to auto negotiate. Based on connected switch/router to send the optimal mode for speed connection.

100 Mbps- Full and 1000 Mbps–Full

Allows two-way transmission simultaneously Displays whether 100 Mbps- Full or 1000 Mbps–Full Ethernet transmission mode

Ethernet Inactivity

By default, it is disabled where no activity takes place. If Enabled and no activity is happening for 5 min, it will reset the Ethernet interface automatically and a log is generated.

Ethernet MTU

This parameter determines the limit of transmission allowed for a data packet sent or received on the wireless interface. The MTU size varies from 1500 to 9000 bytes.