OR100 Installation Guide

About this Installation Guide

This guide describes how to install the site equipment for APOR100 Series radios. Topics covered in this guide include installation, basic configuration, and device mounting. This guide is intended for use by those responsible for installing and setting up network equipment.

Product models

Identifying Product Serial / Model Number

Things need to noticed before unboxing the unit

Cartoon Box: User can see product label on both sides of the carton box. The labels design includes product name along with the description, Model number and Serial number in barcode. See the illustration given  (1).

Gift Box: The Label design of the gift box consists of product Model Name and Serial Number in barcode. See the illustration given (2).

Device: The Device label of the unit consists product name along with the description, Model number, serial number and ETH MAC in barcode. FCC statement on the right side and FCC Id on the bottom side of the label. See the illustration given (3) .

Typical Installation Scenario

The picture shown below gives a brief understanding of how-to mount device on the pole. The Ethernet port of the device is connected to the input of the Surge Protector and output of the Surge Protector is connected to PoE Out and LAN IN is connected to the Network Equipment.

Note: APOR100 Series radios comes with inbuilt Surge. It is recommended to have extra surge protector in the installation to protect against damage (lightening).

Get to Know the Hardware Features

The Picture shown below identifies the APOR100 radio features that are relevant to the installation and mounting instructions that this guide provides. Before you begin the installation process, KeyWest recommends that you become familiar with these features.

Pole Mounting Installation Instructions

Place the L-shaped plate to the device and fix the four screws on L-plate into the device. Insert the V-bolt tightly to the pole and L-plate fixed with device.

Axis Tilt Mounting Instructions

Place the axis bracket on the device and fix the four screws into the device. Insert the hose clamp tightly to the pole