To configure the Site Survey, Click Quick Start> 2.4 GHz Radio

Site Survey tab is custom created for SU 5GHz Radio where it can scan and join the AP with the same SSID.

SU scans for the available APs to join. A list of scanned APs ( proprietary/non-proprietary) with basic details like ssid, macaddress, channel, Frequency (MHz) , RSSI (dBm), Noise (dBm) , security and join are available at site survey. SU is allowed to join network with proprietary devices only. If the network is a secured type, security key must be provided to join.


Once the System and Location Tabs are configured in both AP and SU.

Go to SU web interface

Quick Start> Site Survey tab> Join AP

To verify whether the SU is linked to AP or not go to home button in the AP/SU and see the Remote partners value 1 or 0. If 1, successfully linked.