How to Configure and Manage using App

Updated: November 9, 2021

     Navigate to Home >> Alignment
     Enable Audio button – Audible buzzer tone to help identify stronger signal
     Note: ‘BEST‘ stands for best antenna position with max signal strength detected so far.

     Align the antenna position untill the CURRENT BESTfor both antenna chains. stands for Rx signal strength in current       position of the antenna.


     Step1: Navigate to Home >> Site Survey

     Step2: Scan can be initiated by pressing Scan button present in top right corner.

     Step3: On click of Scan it will search for keywest radios in  that area and list our the devices which are near by.
     Note: Results can also be cleared using the clear button present in top right corner.


     Step1: Navigate toHome >> Configuration
     Step2: Edit and configure any of the parameters (Radio Mode, Country, Bandwidth, Encryption, DDRS Status,               Spatial Stream, ATPC Status, IP Address etc.) and click Save to apply changes
     Step3: User can see the alert message “Configuration applied sucessfully”


     Step1: Navigate to Home >> Config Backup
     Step2: Click on the Config tab to backup the configuration.

     Note: Configuration backup of your current configuration is stored in Documents/KeyConnect folder.

     Step1: Navigate to Home >> Factory Reset
     Step2: Select the IP Configuration, Link Type or Wireless Configuration to initiate the factory reset
     Step3: Click on the perform Reset button to factory reset the selected details

     Navigation to Home >> Link Test

     Step1: Select the Direction – Uplink / Downlink / Bi-di
     Note: For SU: Uplink bi-directional and for AP: Downlink bi-directional. User can run wireless link test between local and       remote connected devices.

     Step2: Select the Duration time (how much the link test has to run the test) and click the Start to run the test.

     Step3: User can see the progress of link test in throughput graph and can see the SNR values changes in local and             remote.

     Step4: A graph with uplink and down link traffic is generated while performing the link test.

     Step1: Navigate to Home >> Firmware Upgrade
     Step2: Choose the firmware file (img extension file)
     Step3: Click on the upgrade button to upload the firmware file
     Step4: Flash firmware will verify the file and click proceed to upgrade
     Step5: Flash firmware in progress will be see while upgrading